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Juneteenth National Independence Day

Dear Vista Family,
The United States of America is often referred to as the land where dreams come true. In fact, the
opportunity to succeed regardless of one’s humble beginnings is now commonly referred to as the
“American Dream.” Our mission at Vista clearly states our students will have access to that dream and
the promises our nation makes to its citizens. However, this dream was made possible, in part, by 246
years of slavery of African Americans who built our country without any hope of being part of the
American Dream
Today, June 19th will be the first federally recognized Juneteenth National Independence Day
historically known as Jubilee Day or Black Independence Day celebrating the day in 1865 when African
Americans were told of their emancipation and freedom from slavery.
At Vista, we recognize the racial inequalities that continue to exist and prevent people of color from
reaching their highest potential. However, today, we join in jubilant celebration on this very special
holiday in recognition of the inhumane role of African Americans in the foundation of our country and a
step forward on the long and unfinished journey to full inclusion and equality for all people of color.
Don Wilson Ed.D.
Vista Charter Public Schools

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