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Samantha Scheirman


        Samantha Scheirman was drawn to teaching because of her love of learning. She has worked in kindergarten and fifth grade classrooms while she was getting her teaching credential from Pepperdine University. After she finished this program in December of 2018, Mrs. Scheirman was an assistant teacher in a fifth grade classroom. In this position, she was able to get to know her students on a deeper level and help them with the stress and awkwardness of fifth grade. This is Mrs. Scheirman's first year as a lead teacher. She is looking forward to not only teaching her students reading, math, and science but also teaching them how to be good global citizens. There are many in school and out of school factors that can affect a students learning. She is looking forward to coming alongside the parents to support their student the best way possible. She is eager to instill her own love of learning in her students. When Mrs. Scheirman is not sharpening her teaching abilities, she enjoys playing board games with friends, baking delicious treats, and traveling with her husband.