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Amanda Yenkelun



        Amanda Yenkelun first got the inspiration to become a teacher by tutoring others. When she realized that she could have a positive impact on the world simply by educating others, she knew that becoming a teacher was her destiny. Mrs. Yenkelun started her journey as a Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten teacher for a public school in Los Angeles. As the first teacher for all of the students in her classroom, Mrs. Yenkelun understood that it was her responsibility to model and define what school is for all of her students. As a result of that responsibility, Mrs. Yenkelun developed a positive classroom community by creating a safe and fair classroom environment as well as establishing positive relationships with parents, families, and school staff along with her students. By surrounding the new scholars with a safe and fair school community, students felt a sense of security and encouragement which gave them the opportunity to take risks, be independent, and feel empowered in their academic futures. Mrs. Yenkelun helped foster the future leaders of the school for three years before becoming a Transitional Kindergarten teacher for a different public school in Los Angeles County. During this time, Mrs. Yenkelun was nominated for Teacher of the Year for all the work she had done with social-emotional support. Mrs. Yenkelun completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies at CSULB in 2012 and plans to continue her education to get her Master’s Degree. When she is not in the classroom as a student or teacher, Mrs. Yenkelun can be found reading a book at home, going on a trip with her husband, baking cookies for her colleagues, or playing board games with her friends and family.